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Should Seniors Consider Online Dating?

Online dating isnít just for young people. Today there are many, many places online for vibrant, enthusiastic seniors to meet people. They all offer different services and provide features that you may or may not like. But in general, online dating can be a very positive experience for the single senior.

With an online dating service, there are lots of choices and dating opportunities. Not since high school or college will you find such a large number of potential dates and mates in one place. It can be heartening just to know that there are many single seniors out there who would love to find a loving partner.

Since there are so many people on the Internet dating scene, it should be enough proof that it does work, right? Some people are a little iffy about putting themselves out to strangers, but with the advancing technology making the world smaller and smaller everyday, the word "stranger" sometimes means nothing anymore.

Online dating sites give you a wide list of people to choose from. You can choose them because you have shared interests, belong to the same city, or whatever. And because dating sites have this vast list, you have the liberty to skip and choose. This actually erases having to care for a few caterpillars before you reach butterflies, if you know what I mean.

Dating sites cater to different needs. There are some that focus on letting single women meet single men. Some filter according to sexuality, religion, sex, or race -- the possibilities are endless. You name it; you bet there is something or someone out there who will fit just perfectly with what you're looking for.

The key to getting the most of your online dating site membership is to know what you want and what you're looking for, so you won't waste time trying to get to know people who turn out to be at the polar end of your character spectrum. Don't join a matchmaking site if you're just after the date's "fun" side. Don't join a Catholic site if you're Jewish. Things like that.

Itís relatively inexpensive. While there are many free chat rooms and online personal sites, you may want to invest in paying a small fee to meet people who are more serious about meeting a quality partner. Even if you pay $25 to $50 to join, itís still cheaper than a senior cruise, and you donít have to leave home.

Profiles are a fun way to learn about people. Sites that offer space to write personal profiles that include hobbies, special interests, political beliefs, dreams, goals and favorite activities will give you the most accurate idea of what a person is like, and will help you decide if you have enough in common to make a connection.

Itís easy to connect. By exchanging email you get to know each other slowly, without the awkwardness that comes with first dates. If you choose to meet, youíll already know a lot about each other, and that could help you both feel more comfortable.
There are, however, downfalls to dating online. Some sites allow people to post their profiles and respond to others for free, but unfortunately these free sites often attract weirdoes or perverts. Itís important to check out the site carefully before you join.
Plus, it can be risky when it comes to the people you will meet. After all, there are people out there who lie. You need to be cautious. In an effort to get more responses, or in some cases to deliberately mislead, some people lie in their profiles. Donít believe everything you readóif he or she sounds too good to be true, he or she probably is.

Overall, however, many people have found true love through online dating services. You shouldnít have to spend the rest of your life alone. You deserve to live your life! There are people out there waiting to meet you. Itís time for you to get started!

By: Gail Anderson Metcalf

Gail Anderson Metcalf is a single woman exploring relationships after 40.  Learn more about senior relationships with self help audio books on relationships.

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